Tribe Rules

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Tribe Rules

Post by buhnanuhs on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:10 pm

Tribe rules, our older tribe members are pretty good for this anyways so it's mainly for the newer members.

1. No trolling - We don't like trolls, we don't like people who attack purely for the sake of it, whether tribe member or not, it is not acceptable behavior.
2. No going AFK in the tribe house whilst others are completing maps.
3. No favos, only acceptable if padders are in the room. But to favo for the sake of it is deemed rude and selfish. (no favo-ing Mousie!!!)
4. No begging - (gifts/items/ranks etc)
5. Respect all members regardless of their rank within the tribe.
6. No killing tribe members- we are a family it's not right nor fair.
7. No blocking the hole unless absolutely necessary.

These rules are a must we are a small tribe of friendly non trolls who go about our mouse business. If rules are broken we will not blink twice in removing you.

rules as written by Mousie

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